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☠ I’m Back! ☠

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Gothic Burlesque

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☩It Was Tomorrow ☩

Skin  : *REDGRAVE*      Vampire-Daylight Skin 10–Trinity–

Dress  :  [Aliza Karu]    C’era domani SL8B black dress    (hair  sold separately)    ty Aliza :**

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☉ ☽ ● ◯ GeOmEtRiCaL FoLiEs ♂ ♃ ♄ ♅

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☠ Dark Lady ☠

*The Italian Taste* is the first group of good italian designers united! We created an event named *Monthly Deal*, every month we will put out some new exclusive creations for only L.50!

Dress :  Aliza Karu Design  [BOX] Dark lady / Monthly deal

Hat :  **SolidEa FoliEs**    Dark Lady Monthly Deal IT

Eyes  :       TA EYES  Italia Dark

Make-up  :     *LpD* – *Dark Lady* MakeUp Kit

Boots  :          [WAP Design]      Dark lady boots

Furnitures :    Italica Interior Design   Dark lady folding screen & stool Continua a leggere

☀ ✯ OcToPuS ☀ ✯

Skin :  .ploom.   Maia_Milk – Gloomy Day   For Project themeory

Dress  :    [Aliza Karu]     Goth Octopus Dress  ty Aliza :*

Face tattoo :   Hysteria     Alone In The  Dark   (face only)

Photos taken from  :   L’araba Fenice   Continua a leggere

☄ StAr O’ ThEaTrE ☄

Dress  :  SoliDea FoliEs**         “O”      Hat and Face make-up  included    Ty Mila   :**

Necklace  and Armpiece   :  SoliDea FoliEs**     Mata  VII   series   ty Mila :**

Skin  :    .ploom.    Harlowe    Milk  DB  Valie

Hair  :     *booN           UPP382 hair black

Mouth  Piercing  :   .:* LOULOU&CO *:. –      Piercing Lips :: LUCKY CROSS ::

Photo  taken   from   The Rose Theatre 
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Ⓐ P u N k L a C e Ⓐ

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Desperate Housewife -Italian Taste

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♪♫ Oxidized_Dancer ♪♫

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