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☀ ✯ OcToPuS ☀ ✯

Skin :  .ploom.   Maia_Milk – Gloomy Day   For Project themeory

Dress  :    [Aliza Karu]     Goth Octopus Dress  ty Aliza :*

Face tattoo :   Hysteria     Alone In The  Dark   (face only)

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☠Red Riding Hood☠

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Rag Dolls

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Candy Doll

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✿ The Italian Taste ✿

For the first time in Second Life some dealers are united by a common logo, even if they keep their own creations, characteristics and peculiarities. For the first time a group of Italians shouts at the world that even in business is possible to collaborate.
Italian Taste is a group of Italian dealers specialized in different business fields as clothing, furniture, poses and animations.

Aliza Karu AD Creations, WAP Design, Les Petits Details*, Eternal Dream, IS, Solidea FoliEs.

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⚉ Two Face ⚇



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